The Phillips Difference

Putting your dream home within reach

For more than 30 years, The Phillips Builders make homeowners’ dreams a reality. Second generation family-owned, our company offers dependability as well as exceptional value to our clients through our many years of hands-on experience. In addition, our long standing reputation for excellence and integrity translates to strong relationships with the best contractors and suppliers, as well as our community as a whole. This translates to superior quality and satisfied homeowners. To maximize our productivity and your satisfaction, we are committed to a client-centered approach — ensuring you’ll know what to expect at each stage — making the construction of your custom home a great experience.

Guiding you from blueprint to your dream home with ease

Designing and constructing your new home requires the expertise of a variety of specialized professionals including construction managers, architects and designers, engineers, specialty trade contractors, suppliers, and inspectors. They all rely on one another for information and guidance throughout the design/build process. The Phillips Builders have the expertise, skill and knowledge to manage all aspects of the project – effectively overseeing, balancing and managing all of the moving parts to keep within budget, timeline, and scope. At The Phillips Builders, a seasoned manager is always at the center of this highly interdependent system and remains as the single point of contact for you through the entire design/build process. With The Phillips Builders leading the way, a consistent, organized approach to the whole building process seamlessly unfolds.

A craftsman’s finish adds the perfect touch

Building a custom home gives you control over your home’s design and function. The Phillips Builders clients benefit from our vast knowledge of all aspects and styles of home construction. Homes built by The Phillips Builders are a step above the rest, unique because they are customized, but also because the quality of each home is enhanced due to our woodworking expertise. Craftsman by trade, we apply our eye for precision and demand of perfecting seamless finishing touches to every home. The result? A one-of-a-kind home that reflects it was created with passion, expertise and skill.

We Hold the Keys to Your Dream Home

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